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Yesterday the Tri-State Team ventured over to Bridgeport, Connecticut to cover the Life In Color event. What is formerly known as Dayglow is now going through a ‘Rebirth’ Read more here:

For those of you who do not know, Tommy Two Times has been pushing the envelope as a DJ since age 11. Coming up in the hip hop age as a young turntablist, he took on the foundation of rudimentary disc jockey skills. Since then, music has changed every way, which way and right behind that was T2X. He considers himself a “music geek”, transforming styles of music the general population hasn’t even heard. Having such a deep background in the science of music allows him to bring a high energy set everywhere he preforms.

“WORKING every night to be a DJ…is quiet different than calling yourself one!” – Tommy Two Times

After a monstrous set we sat down with Tommy Two Times in order to learn more about the young producer, get his take on music, and find out his thoughts on the EDM world.

Who are some of the influences you as an artist have looked at when you first started producing?

Well I actually considered myself a musician before I even knew what a producer was. As a kid I really looked up to Phil Collins because he could play so many different instruments and I thought that was awesome, so that started it off. I got a little older, discovered artist like the genius Ryan Leslie, and saw what it was like to create a song. I think music and a track should be considered two different things and that ties into my interest in producing. I can play a drum set and make music, to orchestrate an entire track is where its at.

What is your favorite style to produce?

I have no favorites, music is music to me. I just listen and play the good stuff.

There are so many styles and genres encompassed under EDM how does this affect you as an artist/DJ/producer?

Actually all these different styles are dope. House has always been around, but all this new stuff coming out is really letting me reinvent myself on a week to week basis if I want to. Im not talking about commercial stuff, I caught on to the whole New Orleans Bounce (Diplo – Express Yourself), Glitch Hop, and all these new “dubby” sounds that everyone is playing at different BPMs. Thats what makes what i rock “interesting” as i like to call it.

What is your favorite style to listen to?

EDM wise…..when i want to listen to something for personal pleasure I’m on MAD Decent.

Do you see yourself sticking within any particular genre or will you be experimenting with others within the near future?

I go where my crowd goes. A real DJ’s number 1 rule “play to the crowd”. My heart will always beat at 128 but I’m a DJ for life and so is music.

What are your thoughts on the EDM genre itself, where its going, the crowd it attracts?

I love EDM it hypes me up. makes me want to drive fast. But just like general managers, certain music dies and only time will tell. However, it will always be in my hard drive. As far as the crowd attracts… we’re lucky neon colors aren’t illegal, it attracts everyone. My grandma is coming to Life in Color.

Where do you see the movement heading towards within the next few years?

We are going to see music do some crazy things because of EDM. A lot of new genres will erupt along with a lot of new names eventually. It’s already worldwide so im not sure how it could get bigger, maybe floating festivals?

What do you have to say towards or about the stigmas surrounding the EDM nation and its fans?

Its like when people look at me funny for my tattoos. You don’t know me, what i do, or my passion. Im sorry certain “followers” i call them; didnt like the music enough so they popped a molly, started sweatin and dancing and died. The first time i heard a dope beat on a real sound system with a real light guy I got high from the music…I didn’t need drugs. One day people will realize, until then im no better than an oil broker.

If you could produce a track with any DJ at this point in time who would it be and why?

No brainer, saving the universe with Diplo all day. I got the name of the track already lined up.

If you could headline any festival in the world where would you like to see yourself playing at?

Where every confident DJ wants to headline, Tomorrowland. People from around the world expect to hear the best there. Give me a year or so haha.

If you haven’t checked out some of his latest music head over to

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